Nov 26, 2007

Monthly BMA (Bad-Mothers-Anonymous) Meeting.

My Name is Dana and I'm a Bad Mother.
I'd like to start this meeting by making a few confessions.

  1. 1.) Worker #1 Loves to fish. (love is not a strong enough word, this kid would eat sleep and breathe fishing) For his 14th Birthday I told him we would plan a fishing trip to a catfish farm to go catch some really good catfish. I still have not taken him He turned 15 this past June. (but the really bad part is that Man-Of-My-Dreams & I have gone several times in the past month while the kids were in school)

  2. 2.) Worker #3 told me this morning that he was staying after school today to listen to some audio tapes, I forgot to go get him. (don't worry, I remembered the poor thing when he failed to get off of the bus, 20 min late!)

  3. 3.) After failing to finish worker #3's quilt in time for his birthday, then sewing it very wrong... I have yet to rip it apart and finish it.

  4. 4.) The Little-Foreman-in-Pink wanted yet another piece of pumpkin pie today (this would be her third today!) I told her it was all gone.... an hour later.. I ate the last piece. (My BMAness is making me fatter by the day!! But...this was my first and only piece!)

Who's next?

confess or speak in the comment section... you'll feel better I promise! ;)

BMA's of the world UNITE!!

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Christine said...

Hmmm - does forgetting that your #1 son was supposed to have a talent ready for his English class today count? Good grief, I flat told the kid he didn't have any talent, but teacher won't take no for an answer! We ended up doing a poster and getting together trophies from some triathlons to show - of course, he could have taken a video - if I'd had any!!

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