Nov 25, 2007

White Socks!!!! (Rant-Of-The-Day)

OK.... is it only me?
Please tell me it is NOT only me!

I have 5 men/boys living in this house.
Each of those men/boys has two feet.
Each of those feet wear some sort of white sock. (well, they start out white, but that's a whole another rant for another day)
Each man/boy gets 12 pairs of white socks 2 times a year = 240 white socks a year.
There are always some left over from the year before that are still good = 300 white socks.

I always try to buy the same brand of socks so they are easier to match.

Man-of-My-Dreams = Long socks
Worker #1 = kinda short socks, just over the ankle.
Worker #2 = VERY short-so-you-can't-see-em-above-his-shoes socks.
Worker #3 = mid way between the ankle & knee shocks.
Worker #4= doesn't care either way, but most are kinda short.

So, we have approximately 300 white socks for the men-folk of the house.
WHY is it, that I am sitting here after finishing folding and matching socks and I have 23 mismatched white socks?!?!?!?

Seriously... 23!!!
Not one of them is like another one anywhere in the whole stinking pile!!
How many ways are there to make white socks for men/boys?!?!?
They are white socks for cryin out loud!!!

There should be some council somewhere that regulates the making of white socks.
There should be a few different lengths/styles that come in various sizes.

But 23 totally different white socks???
How is this possible???

Can someone please explain to me why on earth there are so many types of white socks??
Is this a serious need?

Is there some high priced white sock engineer sitting in an office somewhere in front of his drawing board who seriously thinks.. "Hey! The buying public just doesn't have enough styles of white socks to choose from to cover their poor feet. I think I'll design a brand new type of white sock!"???

If there IS indeed a White Sock Council what is their address???
I would LOVE to write them a letter!

ok... I feel better now, Thank you for listening.
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Anonymous said...

Dana - I thought that there was some unwritten rule about this... Whenever there are more than three male folk in a house...Something about an evil sock-eating-fairy??? Just to make you question yourself? Hmmm... I have this problem, and I only have my DH to blame...God bless you! ---Murron

Dana said...

The evil-Sock-Eating-Fairy. I never thought of her!!!!

I wonder if a bug zapper would fix her right up? hmmm will have to think on that!

Thanks for the comment! I start to skip when I get comments!

Rachel said...

This was hysterical!
We lose more darn socks in this house!!! The itty bitty teeny tiny baby ones, the 4 year old colored princess ones and the great big monster ones for the man.. me, I think I own 4 pairs of socks because it's South Texas... really, it's all about the flops here.
I digress... there lives under our homes... these creatures called Socksters.. they come and steal our socks because they each have 50 feet. (This is what my 4 year old told me during a sock rant).
Yep, so there you go. :-)

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