Nov 24, 2007

A Very VERY close call!!

On the night before Thanksgiving something almost happened...
(I think enough time has past and I can talk about it now)

Something so terrible that the mere thought of has given me nightmares.

I shudder at the thought of how close it came to happening, and it would have been all MY fault!

A little history on this near-miss.

We found out that one of our hens found a way into the firebox of our big smoker to lay her eggs.
(the smoker is made out of a 500gal propane tank, its HUGE!!)

She thought this was a good place. its private, dry, and sheltered.


We were getting the smoker ready to smoke one of the turkeys for The BIG meal.

The eggs had been removed and the smoker box cleaned out.

I stuffed the smoker box full of sticks and kindling early because I knew it was supposed to rain and I'd be lighting the smoker late at night, I wanted it ready.

The rain did indeed come. And even tho I planned ahead, the wood was very damp.. so I used a BIG bottle of lighter fluid to help get things going.....

I squirted it all over inside the box. Making sure every piece of wood got a good dose.

Then I lit a long match....

Poof the wind blew it out.. grrrrrrr

lit another one..... cupped my hand around it.. stuck it in the firebox..

nothing.. it went out too! GRRRRRRR!!

Got out my last match and got on my knees to actually light it INSIDE the lighter-fluid-soaked-firebox. (ok I know I know not smart but the stupid thing just would NOT light!!)

I heard a soft.. cluck cluck.


What the?....


The hen was back inside the stick-crammed-full-firebox!!! and she was not happy because she was also now covered with lighter fluid (dripping with it!)

She was wedged in there so tightly that I had to take every single stick out to get her! I have no idea how she managed to get back in it because it was FULL of wood.. I mean FULL!

Do you have any idea how bad I would have felt if the fire would have lit and a Hen-On-fire would have run out???

(I have a few recipes for "Blackened Chicken" but I dont think this is what they have in mind!)
I get shivers just thinking about it!! oooooooooh

After getting her out, This is what the fire looked like when I lit the very last match
(on the first try)
Thank God for lucky hens!

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3 amazing comments. Talk To Me!!:

dolphyngyrl said...


That would have been a very ugly scene, indeed! Thank goodness for good hearing!

Dana said...

I know!! ((((shudder)))) I had one more thing to be thankful for that day.. so did the hen!!

thanks for the comment... I giggle uncontrollably when I get a comment.

Rachel said...

Thank God!
Wow!!! That's one lucky hen I tell ya!!

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