Nov 5, 2007

Wonderful Morning!! Until I heard "IT"!

It was a great morning!!! The Man-of-My-Dreams was home... the sun was shining... My yard & pasture looked GREAT after our week-end of hard work! So great in-fact, that I sat outside this morning to enjoy the sunrise and my first cup of coffee while workers #1-#4 got ready for school. I chatted with the critters... walked around the pond... I had Mr Bluebird on my shoulder etc etc etc... It was just Zippity-Do-Da-Wonderful!

Man-of-My-Dreams needed a new pair of work-boots. So off we went to the store. We chatted while driving and enjoyed the view and the lovely fall day. Strolled hand-in-hand into the store...

Then I heard "IT"! keep in mind that it is only the 5th day of November. It is NOT cold outside. There is No snow. I haven't even butchered our Bird for Thanksgiving yet!

And yet I heard "IT".

I stopped dead in my tracks....
I nudged the Man-of-My-Dreams and asked him... "Do you Hear that???" "Yes... So?" he said. Oh how I hoped I was wrong, but if he heard it too it must be true.

They were playing CHRISTMAS Carols in the store!!!

I couldnt help it... I threw-up a little bit in my mouth.

I am not ready for this!!
have they always started this sooo early???
I thought I had at LEAST until Thanksgiving was over before it started!!

Don't get me wrong.... I love Christmas as much as the next person. I am thankful that God sent his son here for us.

But Christmas Carols about snow.... Lighted trees.... sleigh-bells.... and jolly snowmen on NOVEMBER 5th???? NO.. I am NOT ready for this!

Tell me it's not just me....
I am starting to panic and find ways NOT to go to stores! (well THAT might be a good thing)

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