Dec 22, 2007

100 posts!

Wow! How did THAT happen so fast!?!?
This is officially my 100th post on this blog!


I'm thinkin it should be about something important.
Something that makes me seem smart.
Something that is a little less "fluff" and a little more oomph.
I should spread words of wisdom.

ok... here goes

1.) Be Nice!
2.) Sit up straight.
3.) Wear comfortable shoes.
4.) Please Put the Seat D-O-W-N!!
5.) Try not to laugh quite so loud when you kill your mother in a video game. (it hurts her feelings)
6.) Grow some of your own food.
7.) And for cryin out loud, Please PLEASE send me a gas mask!

I'm sorry.... But I already did my shot of NyQuil for tonight... That's the best I can do.

c-ya in post 101!!
nite nite
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2 amazing comments. Talk To Me!!:

Miss Muffet said...

Congrats on the BIG 100!!

I love your blog. can't start my day without it.
Merry Christmas!!

Wendi said...

I love your blog, it always makes me laugh. I have kept my sourdough starter going and enjoy my hot chocolate everyday. I still need to make those homemade marshmallow. Merry Christmas.

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