Dec 22, 2007

Death, Bloody Guts, and Cheers on the Homestead.

The two 15 yr old Young-Men-Folk have had a friend here for the past few days.

This friend has parents who obviously love him more than I love my short people because he has all kinda of cool video game thingies.

He brought over his X Boxed 367 or something like that, for all of them to play.

I have spent the past few days watching them play games....
They have singing games...
Guitar playing games....
Drumming games.....
Racing games.....
Sports Games....
BMX daredevil games....

and then there is the war game.

After much talking, whining, & begging, they convinced me to allow them to play this war game. Call of Duty, or Run from Duty, or Full Of Dooty.. something like that. (full of dooty.. he he I crack myself up sometimes!)


This game is a pretty realistic war game where they run through towns and woods shooting the enemy. ok.. fine they are 15 they are old enough to understand the difference of real life and games....

They were having a blast....
I was getting bored.... and I was trying to avoid Mt Laundry and cleaning the kitchen....
I decided to play this game with them.....

(((flash back))) When we first moved out here I was thrilled that I had cute squirrels running around my yard, and scampering in my trees. I even put out some feeders for the cute furry things.
The Man-of-My-Dreams told me I'd be sorry and wouldn't want the squirrels around come springtime. I told him he was nuts and I loved them.

UNTILL I found out they would eat every single one of my plums and pears!! Every stinking one of them!!! They didn't even eat them! They take one bite and throw them onto the ground!!!
I would have no problem sharing... but I didn't get one!! NOT ONE!!! I have 6 plum trees and 4 pear trees!! and I didn't get one single piece of fruit!!!
Don't even get me started on the pecans... Oh the pecans those furry little twerps ate!?!? Oh My Goodness I could have made pies forever.. But noooooooooo I didn't get any because of these evil squirrels.

I finally gave the go-ahead for the men folk in my house to shoot the cute furry evil squirrels.
Try as they might, the young--men-folk were not very good at shooting.

One day I happened to over-hear a conversation between worker #1 & worker #2 about the fact that girls can't shoot. What?? Girls can't shoot?!?!?!? Well... of course I set out to prove them wrong.

Each day they were in school I would sit outside and shoot squirrels.
By the end of the first two weeks, I had 32 squirrel tails hanging over the barn door... compaired to their 8. HA I showed them!!!!!

Anyway.... Because I am the wonderful shooter-of-the-evil-squirrels I thought I would have no problem playing this game with the boys and I could once again prove that Girls RULE and they would not stand a chance against their wonderful & talented sharp-shooter-Mother.

Did you know that shooting in a video game is NOTHING like shooting in real life?

Did you know that your children whom say they love you will shriek with delight when they shoot and kill you?

These same children who I spent a combined 79 excruciating hours of labor to bring into this world find great excitement in hunting me down and blowing me up!!

These same children lectured me and told me there is NO Crying in War Mom!!

I'm not gonna play with them anymore... **sniff** **sniff**

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