Dec 22, 2007

Reasons he is the Man-of-My-Dreams #12

#12 He has no problem washing clothes, or filling the dishwasher, or any of the other "My Wife stinks and didn't get done, chores" (ok.. he never says I stink, That's me talking. And, maybe my mother-in-law too.)
He may not sort the clothes the right way grrrrrrr.
and He definitely does NOT load the dishwasher the right way.. double-grrrrr.
But I ain't complaining!!!

Lucky me!
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Lacey said...

My hubby cooks, does dishes, washes laundry, and all of those other chores that his wife should do while he's on the road, but doesn't have the time to do it all while helping out her mom. :-)

Dana said...

Ain't we lucky?

thanks for the comment!

I sing a song when I get a comment!

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