Dec 21, 2007

Sorry y'all... But I must ask this question.....

Why are Farts so funny?

Please forgive me....
Blame it on the NyQuil and other cold medicines.
Blame it on the fact I am sick and have 6 short people here (three of them are 15 year old young-men-folk)
Blame it on the fact that these same short people are now on their Holiday break from school and there is NO hope of them leaving anytime soon.
Blame it on the fact that The Man-of-My-Dreams is still working out of town and I am left to deal with all of this alone!

I have been sitting here, well laying here, watching and listening to 5 boys play Guitar Hero and Sing Star on TV (my ears may never be the same)
They are having a blast and I am getting quite a few giggles in between the sneezing, coughing up a lung, NyQuil guzzling, moments.
Then IT happened.

One of them had to ... um.... pass gas, do a pop-pop (as the super-cute Little-Foreman-in-Pink calls it)

For a moment, the world stopped.....
Then they all died laughing....
The next thing I know the fart (I hate that word) stories began....
And of course the farting competition wasn't far behind.

They even brought up that one time when I may or may not have been guilty of a pop-pop in 2001!!! The little traitors!

I quickly reminded than that I DO NOT fart!
Of course, Super-Smart, Super-Smug, Worker #3 quickly explained that he looked it up and found out that a healthy man farts approx 9 times a day.... and a healthy woman farts... 11 times a day!!
(He actually took the time to look this up and stored it away in his data bank for this type of moment!!!... he just LOVES to prove you wrong..... and Super-Loves it when these little tid-bits can be recalled & used to make someone uncomfortable.)

I was not amused.
I cried a little bit when they all chimed in and told me that they did in-fact hear that one time in 2001 I did accidentally fart.
Poor Poor Dana.

Why are farts so funny?
everyone farts, I know... But everybody sneezes too! Why doesn't a sneeze make short people collapse in laughter?
Why aren't there coughing competitions?
Why is it a fart?
Who made these rules??

Why do men-folk and short people find this topic so great?!?!?
This topic is in my life ever day ! I mean every single day of my life I hear some fart story.
Every stinkin Day!!!!

Someone please explain this to me.....
And.. someone please send me a gas mask!

time for more NyQuil... I love NyQuil......
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whimsigal said...

You know what? I don't know why farts are so funny but they are! We fart around here ALL the time. I'm a married mom of two boys and believe me, I feel your pain. I decided a long time ago, if you can't beat 'em join 'em. Good times, yo, good times.

I came here via P-Dub's blog. Merry Christmas!

Nekked Lizard Lady said...

NLM calls his passing of the gas, "an ac-ceeeee-dent". And trust me, his are NOT funny. Lighting a match in the same room as one of his "ac-ceeee-dents" would result in an explosion flash of enormous proportion. Yes, it's natural, yes, it's a point of humor to 90% of the population. But y'all ain't never been in the same room as NLM's "ac-ceeee-dents". Gee, I hope he doesn't find this post..... Anyway, I'm with you on this one. :)
Nekked Lizards

annselma said...

I have a 10yo, 3yo, and a husband -all male. I had SOME hope of this "poofer fun" ending some time in my future but you have totally dashed that little bit of hope. I have no idea why they are so funny but they all giggle like it's the best joke in the world.

I came via P-Dub's blog too. Merry Christmas!

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