Dec 21, 2007

Blogsvertise? hmmmmm

Blogsvertise! this is a new thing to me.

I read an article about this woman who makes $4000 a month blogging about her kids and home life!

I am in shock!
I blog here for fun. I am amazed every day when I see that people actually come and read my dribble here.
I get all giddy when I get a comment.
It's one of the few places that I can at least pretend to have adult conversation!

You take time out of your day and listen to me rant..... brag.... complain.. etc....
and I love you for it!
I really really do!

I did put a few ads on my site, hoping to offset a little bit of the costs for my & web sites, but never in a million zillion years did I think I'd actually MAKE money from blogging. and I don't! I found out that you make like .002 cents for every click you get on an ad whoo hoooo! at this rate I'll earn a shiny Quarter in a year or two!

We won't even mention the fact that half of the ads are about finding a cheating wife in your area! (they are turning me into a pimp!!)

Now I read about other ways people advertise for companies and make money from their blogs.
Blogsvertise! is one of the companies that I found interesting. They send you an e-mail with a suggestion on what to blog about, Review a company, or product, etc... mention them in your blog entry.. and they pay you for it.

I wonder how many people are doing this on their blogs?
I doubt it would work for me....
Because you know darn well they are not going to send me suggestions about farming, or short people, or cool kitchen gadgets!

So listen to me Blogsvertise! People!! Send me suggestions about how to make my Short People pick up their socks, or My Young-men-folk stop laughing about farts, Or how to tackle Mt. Laundry, Maybe even tell me how to make my neighbors dogs stop killing my birds, or please please throw in a cool kitchen gadget or two... Then I'll be right there with ya!

Till then... I'll keep blogging here about my silly little life... making .002 cents a month.
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