Dec 11, 2007

Are We Weird?

Ok.... maybe that isn't the best question to be asking. You KNOW I am most definitely weird by now.
I mean... my family, and our ways... Ok, another silly question.. Yep we are weird...

The reason I even bring it up. Worker #3 had a friend come over tonight. I cooked dinner, nothing special, grilled some hamburgers and some steaks, green beans, & Mac & Cheese.

I called everyone to the table, filled the plates, and set them down one at a time while everyone got their drinks etc... The visitor asked me.. "Do you cook like this EVERY night? or is it just cause I'm here?". Yes, I cook like this every night, meat, starch, veggie a well rounded meal.

The visitor sat down and began to eat. Worker #1 said.. Wait.. don't start eating until everyone is at the table. (I was so proud of worker #1 I guess he does infact hear something I tell him) The kid looked bewildered, and took a few bites anyway. Worker #1 & #2 started to lecture him on how that was rude and he was to follow Mom's rules in her kitchen. He sat his fork down and waited.

Everyone sat down at the table and the kid asked... "You eat at the table?" ummm yes we do, every night, every dinner. (ok maybe not every night every now and them we'll do pizza and watch a movie, but for the most part we eat at the table every night). "I FINALLY found a family!" he exclaimed, I laughed and asked him where his family ate their meals.. he told me they eat wherever and whenever they want at their house.

Then we started our nightly game of High / Low and he just sat in amazement. "You guys do this EVERY night?" Yes, we do this every night, we explained.
"Wow" he said.

We chatted over dinner before I had to take the visitor & worker #3 to their choir concert.

I found myself kind of sad for him.
I grew up with my family eating dinner together each night. It is the time for a family to connect and be together. It's so easy with busy lifestyles to lose touch with each other even when you live in the same house. The family dinner table is a very important part of the American family... or at least I thought it was.....

Is this weird?
Isn't this the way it is supposed to be?
I'm at a loss.

If your family has gotton away from thie great tradition bring it back! You'll be glad you did!! Maybe even start your own version of our High / Low game. It's a blast!
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Jan said...

Our house is similar to yours...and I suppose we ARE weird. I'm glad visitor got to see your family because it will probably affect HIS family when he grows up and marries.

Bethany said...

I remember when Matt (our stepbro) came to live with us. "You eat like this EVERY NIGHT???" ha ha... I'm so very glad that you eat around the table because it's the perfect time for me to come and hang out with my family!

Anonymous said...

We eat dinner as a family at the table every night, too. Meat, veggie, bread, milk. It's what I grew up with, and I'm thankful my parents made it a priority. Now my children think it's "normal". :)

~Leah in Alaska

Carol said...

We eat dinner as a family also, and when our adopted DD came to live with us, DH and I would talk about things like, "I'll try to get the grass cut tomorrow" and "Are you going to need anything if I stop at the store on my way home?" and DD would just freak out and yell at us "WOULD YOU TWO STOP ARGUING???"
Apparently she thought that when people have discussions at the dinner table, it must be an argument....sad, huh?

dlyn said...

Followed a link over from PW. Nice blog! We found the same circumstance when our daughters brought homw their friends. They weren't used to how a real family behaves and it was amazing to them that we ate together and had conversations etc. Kind of sad really.

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