Dec 10, 2007

Cookbook Review "Sowbelly and Sourdough"

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Although Sowbelly and Sourdough were staples in the chuck box, the cook often had a few more provisions on hand.
Using limited ingredients, bean wranglers created mouth-watering vittles for a demanding bunch of cowboys.
Their techniques and recipes, recorded here, range from traditional meat and bean dishes to fine-tastin' baked goods and sweet-tooth-teasin' desserts.
Reaching behind the recipes, author Scott Gregory peeks into the lives of the chuck wagon cook and the cow pokes who gathered 'round his wagon.

He reveals not only the "hows," but the "whys" of meal preparation on the trail.

Quotes, quips and particulars around out the recipes, lending insight into the trail hand's rough and rigorous lifestyle.

SOWBELLY AND SOURDOUGH returns to a simpler way of living, and brings back the savory goodness of hearty meals built from scratch. ( review)

This is a wonderful cookbook full of chuck wagon style cooking. It is a wonderful BOOK book too! Tons of stories from the Trail.
And Great tid-bits and facts about that way of life.
Lots of great old pictures as well.
You can't go wrong with this book! (My un-professional review)

For the first time ever....

I give this cookbook 5 out of 5 wooden spoons!!

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