Dec 9, 2007

Men & Meat, Meat & Men.

Man of My Dreams calls me
(he's coming home tonight after working all week out of state).

"Baby" he says.....
"I know what I want for dinner tonight."

"What do you want Darling?" I sweetly reply.

"I want a Big Ole pot of Butter Beans with smoked sausage."

"That sounds great Honey! I'll have em ready for you when you get home."

"And..." he says, "I want a big skillet of that fried cabbage you make full of bacon."

"OK" I said. "Butter-beans and sausage tonight, and fried cabbage with bacon tomorrow night?" (he'll be home for three dinners.)

"No.... I want em for one meal.... all tonight. I have a craving."

"OK Honey... I'll make both."
(but that's two meats...thinking to self)

"Oooh and How bout some Hamburger patties? I'd love some Hamburger patties, a BIG Pot of Butter Beans with Sausage, and a skillet full of fried cabbage and bacon, That sounds great for dinner tonight. I'll Be in around 8pm."

"But Darling? Didn't you say that man was going to bring over the brisket you bought from the fund raiser today? Why don't we just eat that with the Butter Beans and sausage tonight, and have hamburger patties and fried cabbage full of bacon tomorrow night?"

"You don't want to make me butter beans AND Fried cabbage full of bacon tonight? Even though I have been craving it all week?"

"Well of course Dear..... I'll make them if that's what you really want. But I was just thinking it could easily be at least two meals worth of food especially when you throw in a smoked brisket and hamburger patties."

"It's what I'm craving.... **dramatic sigh** But if you don't want to make it, I guess I'll just suck it up and deal with it."

(It was at this point in the conversation that I felt my right eye Begin to twitch, it's never good when my right eye starts to twitch.)

There comes a time in any marriage when you have to ask yourself....
Is this really something I feel like fighting over?
Is this really something worth a loooong drawn out "debate" over?

Usually, when picking your battles wisely, you come to the conclusion that No... it is not.
But there is another very important factor in this meal....

Not only will this meal contain no less than 4 meats that could each hold their own full meal...
Big pot of butter beans = lots of flatulence from 5 men in the house.
Skillet of fried Cabbage = Lots of flatulence from 5 men in the house.

I have decided that this is not worthy of fighting with The Man of My Dreams and making him question my undying love for him....
(rolling eyes)

considering the last flatulence fact about this meal...
I may be forced to MOVE OUT over this meal.
(or find a few good gas masks for the Little Foreman-in-Pink and myself)

So I am cooking today...
I am cooking a BIG pot of Butter-Beans filled with smoked sausage.
I am cooking a big skillet of fried cabbage full of Bacon.
I am warming a smoked brisket.

And I am cooking hamburger patties. (tomorrow night HA!)

Pray for me......
And maybe send me the name of a good cardiologist in my area?
We will need it after this meal!

And please make note....
(and yes, this is an ongoing debate in our house)

I win. ;)
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rosemomof3 said...

OH YOU win!!! I hope you and your nose survive...LOL Your not the only one my hubby is that way too.. Never enuff meat...ugh!!

ang said...

Dana, The debate of love you more is is so funny! My darlin' will ask how much do you love me? My pat answer more than you love me.

Anonymous said...

Oh Dana, bless your heart, as always. I'm in the same boat... "Honey..." he coos "I'd loooove steak tips for dinner... With broccoli, and mashed taters, too..." (I know I am in for a looong, stinky night) Now, this is after he had a sausage, bacon and hamburg omelet for breakfast... As if things round here weren't, um, "fragrant" (eeew) enough! I just toss him another Lipitor and some Gas Ex..... You are truly the voice of the supreme homestead goddess, in my book. Glad I'm not in this alone! ---- Murron :)

Paulette said...

You can't say things like that when I've got coffee in my mouth! LOL - I really enjoyed your post.

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