Dec 5, 2007

I finished!!!!! BMA?? NOT Today!!!!!

After many tears, bloody pin-stuck-fingers, ripping out of seams, pouts, tantrums, prayers & prodding from the Man-of-My-Dreams. Almost a month after I promised it for worker #3's birthday...

I finished his quilt!!
This quilt should have been the easiest quilt ever! (its nothing but 6" squares sewn together for cryin out loud!)
But if I could do something wrong making a quilt.. I did it on this one!
This one that has been my nemesis.
It should have gone together lickity-split and been over and done.
But it was plagued with problems.

You'll remember my boo boo with this one.... **sigh**
It was just one of those quilts that everything seemed to go wrong.
I'm not too crazy about the way it turned out.

But he slept with it last-night and loves it! whew!!

Now on to worker #4's quilt.....
it's gonna be a rag style quilt made from Fall flannels.
Maybe my luck will change...
Pray for me.... and the quilt.
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2 amazing comments. Talk To Me!!: said...

Dana - I love, love, LOVE it!!! I've got to learn to quilt. That is just beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Oh it is so nice to know I am not the only one who has "those" kind of projects. Sometimes they just never seem to come together the right way. Looks good! I'll bet your son slept warm and cozy. Good Mom!

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