Dec 5, 2007

Cook-Book Review (All-American Truck Stop Cookbook )

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Remember the simpler days before interstates when there was no such thing as a fast-food restaurant?
After driving along a two-lane highway all day long and wanting to pick a place to eat, your mother would say, "Look for a place where all the trucks are stopped!"

The trucks have all stopped at The All-American Truck Stop Cookbook, which contains more than 250 favorite truck stop recipes of the three million men and women who drive the 18-wheelers that keep America rolling.

In addition, the book pays homage to the romance and true grit of trucking life. It includes colorful stories and scenic side trips through the history of America's trucking industry, including dozens of nostalgic photos of some of the early truckers and their rigs along with pictures of top truck stops of today and yesteryear.

The All-American Truck Stop Cookbook is sure to please any fan of big rigs, life on the road, and great American food. So check your oil, fill it up, and get ready to dig into the delicious recipes and lore from beloved truck stops from across America.

This cookbook has loads and loads of good-down-home cookin recipes! and Lots are in HUGE quantities!!

So, If your cooking for that family get together or Church social? This is the book for you!!

If your a chili fan....
the chili in this book? Oh the Chili in this book!! There are TONS!!

Even if you can't stand chili.
This Cookbook will have something you'll love!
I promise!

Great foods!
Wonderful desserts!
Easy to make!
Great stories and pictures.
You name it...
It's IN there!!

Its worth every penny!


Give this cookbook

4 out of 5

Wooden Spoons

Yes, It IS THAT Good!!

You can find it on click here ---> Find this cookbook!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a great cookbook! Thanks!!

Lacey said...

This caught my eye rather quickly since my husband's a trucker. Going to check this one out. Thanks for the review.

Lacey said...
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