Dec 23, 2007

Need a Holiday Pick Me Up?

It's the Holidays....
This time of year is a time for family togetherness and joy.
But often it's also a time of year that I find myself a little blue.
I'm not sure why...
maybe its the stress, the rush, the excitement,
or missing those who are no longer with me...

When you find yourself a little blue,
You have two choices,
You can whine and complain and feel sorry for yourself...
Or you can remember the good things in your life that you are thankful for....

I'll start.

I'm grateful that my family is healthy & happy.

I am grateful for my 5 short people.. they may drive me crazy a lot of the time... but they are Great kids!

I'm grateful that I met the Man-of-My-Dreams and he fell in love with me too!
I never imagined it could be like this with any man! I am so lucky!

I am grateful for my little farm. Its too small... needs too much work... But I have never been happier and cannot imagine myself living anywhere else.

I am grateful for my husbands job and more so for his strong work ethic and
stick-to-it-ness. And his amazing skill and knowledge of his field.

I am grateful for my friends both online and in real life whom have taken the time to teach me, listen to me, give me a shoulder when I cried, and a swift kick in the pants when I needed it too!

I am grateful for my relationship with my mother. I can honestly say she is one of my best friends.

I am grateful that my sister and I are getting closer every day as we both grow older.

I am grateful for my garden and animals that give me peace of mind in knowing that I can provide much of our own food right here on our farm.

I am grateful for a loving and forgiving God. (I sure need it!)

I am grateful for the money that we have. I often feel that we don't have enough, but we are fed, we are clothed, we have a wonderful safe home. There are so many who cannot say the same.

I am grateful for You.. yes YOU... I get so excited and amazed each day when I find out that people like you actually read my dribble here on my tiny little piece of the world wide web. It makes me smile and question what on earth is going on that makes me even remotely worthy of your time. ;)

Oh... and Starbucks Raspberry Mocha Frapachino's yummmmmm

And.. Ben & Jerry's Chubby Hubby Ice Cream.

Oh Oh Oh.... and my Homemade Wine and Sourdough starter!

There are so many other things.....

I feel better now. :)

OK back to our regularly scheduled light and semi-humorous dribble.

Have a Wonderful Christmas Eve!

Eat a cookie or two for me. :)
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Nikki said...

Oops! I ate a dozen or so cookies for you Dana. I hope your happy!

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