Dec 25, 2007

Merry Christmas Y'all !!!!!

For the first time ever...I didn't have a houseful of short people on Christmas morning.
We did our Christmas yesterday and let all the young-men-folk have Christmas morning at other family members houses.
It was just the Man-of-My-Dreams, the Little-Foreman-in-Pink , and I.

I had visions of sleeping in.
I had visions of leisurely baking cinnamon rolls and passing them out to neighbors...
I had visions of letting the hard working Man-of-My-Dreams sleep in as late has his little heart desired......

Well.. Christmas or not..... the plans did NOT work!!

I got up at 6am... (I can never sleep later than that.. my internal clock is set)
I went to the kitchen to pre-heat the oven for the cinnamon rolls.......
I retrieved my precious dough from the fridge....... (I had all my supplies lined up on the counter ready for baking this morning)
I went to wash my hands to get down to business and ......

Not one drop of water came out of the faucet......
Oh Crap.....
I ran to the bathroom to check there.....
Nope.. no water.
I went outside.... it was chilly.. but no way was it cold enough to have frozen my water pipes!!

As much as I hated to do it.. I woke up the Man-of-My-Dreams....

"Baby?" I whispered......
"Muaaahhhhh mmmuffff huhhhh?" he sweetly replied.
"The water isn't working"
"There is no water."
"CENSORED!!!... How cold is it outside?"
"I don't think it's THAT cold..... Merry Christmas??"
"Merry Christmas!!" he replied.. with NOT very much Christmas spirit!

The Man-of-My-Dreams, My Hero,
My can-fix-anything-man got up and discovered that something fell on our main water line and flooded the back yard.

He had it fixed in less than 30 minutes!! (Just another reason I love him! He's handy like that.)

The rest of the morning went as planned.....
I finished 6 pans of wonderful, gooey, dripping with icing, cinnamon rolls.
And delivered them around to our neighbors. (they loved the idea by the way!)

Now at 10:30 am our nice quiet calm restful Christmas Day can begin.

I plan to do nothing today but lay under a quilt with my Honey, pretend to be interested in the football games he is watching, eat 2 or 27 cinnamon rolls, and try not to think about how much my hips are widening with each bite.

This sounds wonderful to me.
A day of rest.
A day with my Man.
A day of peace.
A day of good food.

What more could I ask for from a Christmas?!?

I hope you and your family have whatever your "perfect" Christmas Day is to you.

Merry Christmas Y'all !!

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Kelly said...

Merry Christmas Dana & Family!

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