Jan 5, 2008

I Just Can't Get Enough... again.

In an effort to make me more "cool" worker #1 got me an I-Pod for Christmas. (and to stop me from stealing his every time I mow the lawn)

I am now one of those people who walk around (or in my case sit at my desk) in their own little world listening to the voices sing in her head.
The problem with being in your own little world listening to the voices sing in your head loudly is that , for some reason you begin to think you can sing along and actually sound good.

I was sitting here minding my own business when "I just Can't Get Enough, by Depeche Mode" began to play. I love music from the 80's I was in High School in the 80's there is NO way a song like "I Just Can't Get Enough" By Depeche Mode could come on and NOT make me crank it up to high and sing my inner 16 year old heart out.

So, of course I began to sing.....
The problem with this is.. when you are singing with the loud voices in your head, you cannot hear the sounds that are actually coming out of your own mouth. Thus, You are actually singing at the top of your lungs and sounding kind of like a cross between a dying cow and a moose in heat. (You don't know what a dying cow and moose in heat sounds like? well your lucky!)

I was 16 again!
I was smiling.
My hair was flinging.

suddenly, with that song, I was transported back to my green Ford Tempo with My BFF Marlene... we were cruising Palmer Highway.... turning around in the Sonic Drive in ... then again in the SAFEWAY parking lot. Waving at all the cute boys. Singing loudly to "I Just Can't Get Enough" By Depeche Mode.
Ahhhhh those were the days.....

Then I turned around.....
And saw workers #1 & #2 standing with looks of horror on their poor little faces......
"Mom!!! Please PLEASE Promise you'll never EVER listen to your I-pod when our friends come over!!!!

Doncha just love it when reality comes in and smacks you up-side the head and ruins your 80's flashback?? **sigh**

Ooooohhh I gotta go!!

Hit Me With Your Best Shot by Pat Benatar.... is playing now.........
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legendaryabundance said...

OH I am SOOOO with you! I thought I wouldn't "need" an mp3 - now that i have one I LOVE IT!! I think that my next step up is the ipod :) Oh the 80's!! Big hair and "totally awesome" music ;)
I always figure that my kids will prob. blame years of therapy on me anyways...might as well sing LOUD ;)

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