Jan 4, 2008

I don't trust em! (Rant of the Day)

1.) Beautiful skinny new moms.
You know who I'm talking about. They are the drop dead stinking gorgeous women who wear a size two as they leave the hospital with their newborn baby.

They live with a newborn and have glowing skin. No dark circles under their eyes, hair neat as a pin, full make-up, unstained clothes.....

I just don't get it! I am still carrying baby weight from my first born son!! (he's 15 for crying out loud!!!) I still have circles under my eyes from lack of sleep!

Kudos to them.... But.... I don't trust em... I am convinced they are aliens... or communists.... or just plain ol evil.....
(if you are one of those crazy-lucky women... don't take it personally... But I don't trust you!)

2.) The White Sock Council .... remember why? White Socks!!!! (Rant-Of-The-Day)

3.) Skinny Cooks. OK well.. skinny GOOD cooks. I consider myself a good cook, and I think my size is a testament to that. I am a good cook.. therefore I eat more than you.. therefore I am fatter than you. But Hey!! I am a GREAT cook!! (yeah.. like that makes it better.... **sigh**)

4.) The people who decided to package everything in that thick molded plastic that is sealed all around the edges (think batteries, any child's toy etc..) that makes it crazy hard to open! I'm telling you! I have almost cut my hand off more than once trying to get into this adult-proof packaging with a kitchen knife. I know they do it just to bug me!!

5.) The companies or stores who put sticker and/or labels smack dab in the middle of their products. You know.. those labels that you can NEVER EVER get off in one piece? If you do manage to get the sticker off it leave perma-stickiness on the thing it was on? WHY don't they just put them on the bottom where it doesn't matter? huh? why??

to be continued...
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CJ said...

Well if you're going to cook, you have to taste the food, adjust, taste again, rinse and repeat. Then you still have to eat it. How can a person cook and stay skinny? LOL

Lacey said...

I agree....you can't cook and not taste it!!! And we have a sock monster in our house....I think it lives in the dryer. I ALWAYS make sure matching socks are put in the same load of wash and it never fails that there's always at least one missing after they come out of the dryer...I just don't get it.

Dana said...

well I'm glad you agree! ;) My family has no idea why I'm so .. um.."fluffy" cause I eat very little at dinner time.. little do they know I ate my fill while cooking! It has to be "right" its my job to be sure.

thanks for the comments! I break into song when I get a comment!

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