Mar 26, 2008

Another Confession......

I told you before about my status as Kitchen Gadget Queen.
Well.... it doesn't stop with gadgets.
I have another little quirk.
I love "special" cups, mugs, etc...
I have a few that I use to drink out of every single day.

One for my Diet Coke.
One for water.
A special mug for my coffee.
and a few other special ones.
well.. more than a few....
I have so many coffee cups that my children have threatened to move out if I dont get rid of some.

well.. today I got a new favorite cup!!

Look at THIS!!!

It's the Alice Cup from Max Brenner.
(Alice, from Alice in Wonderland)
Here it is filled with my Chi Tea.

I love the simple lines.
I love the stainless steel straw.
Whats not to love about this cup??

Want a sip?

I have a new recipe for a Frozen Hot Chocolate that looks to DIE FOR!!
That's what this cup is for....
I'll try it out then post it here.

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WildernesFamily said...

What a cute cup Dana! I drink lots of tea and really prefer to drink tea from delicate china teacups, but they are packed away where they are safe from the 5 kidlets, LOL. Maybe someday....

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