Mar 28, 2008

oooh oooh Oooh another new Spring-Time Friend!!

I was walking out by the pond and lookie who I met.
Her name is Wanda.
She couldn't talk too long because she was very tired,
you see, she has just flown in from Mexico and just stopped by to rest her weary wings.

Ain't she purdy?
(I do think her mascara was a tad over-done)

She let me in on a little secret...


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Bush Babe (of Granite Glen) said...

Gorgeous... love the wildlife shots!!! I shall have to search deeper into your site to get a handle on what lives in your neck of the woods. Do you have armadillos??

I love my little peeks into your worlds in the USA. I have stumbled over from PW and enjoy the counter of seasons and animals and the familiarity of the humans!

Keep up the lovely images...

Bush Babe

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