Mar 23, 2008

Happy Easter! Happy Spring!

I just love Springtime!
I took a walk around this morning before church.
Look at all the signs of spring!

Some are simple, yet beautiful.

Some just look so happy!

some are very colorful.

And some are so teeny-tiny that you almost miss em all together!

Is there any time better than Spring-time? All the signs of new life (kinda like Easter huh?) Color comes back and it's the of the end to the gray yucky cold!

Well.... Wait a minute... Nap-time..
Yes.. Nap-time is better than Spring-time... But NOT by much!

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m~ said...

I love spring time all most as much as I love nap time too. Love the pictures.

Bethany said...

your photos are beautiful!!!

- your spoiled, city-girl, little sister

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