Mar 24, 2008

We are under attack!!!!

We live in Texas.
For those of you who do Not live in Texas, I feel the need to educate you about some things you may not have in your area.

Texas is a wonderful place.
But, those of us who are lucky enough to call it home also have to pay our dues by dealing with some things that are a tad less than idealistic.

Today we'll start with the Numero Uno, Evil, Nasty, pest.

See this little green bucket?
My children play with this bucket near the sandbox.
So when you walk by it and see it up-side-down with sand spilling out of it, you may be temped to think.. It is full of sand from the sand box.
Oh no,.....
Don't be so sure....
I kicked it over first.....
You see, what looks like a harmless mound of sand (or in this case a harmless bucket of sand)
is really a fire ant colony!!!
Their sole purpose in life is to sting the Fire out of you!! And produce MORE fire ants!

That little green bucket literally held THOUSANDS & THOUSANDS of Fire ants!!

Fire ants are evil!

Fire ants will find you!

You can't sit anywhere in the yard because of fire ants.

You can't work in the garden without gloves because of fire ants.

Newly hatched chicks are killed by fire ants.

I lost a litter of kittens to fire ants.

Fire ants are pure evil!!

and nope... I have found NO cure for the evil buggers that doesn't involve the use of some really nasty chemicals.

There..... Now you know our little secret. you can feel better about not living in Texas. ;)

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Kim said...

OH I HATED those when we lived in Houston. They were in Orlando too. I moved over a hill one time in FL with the mower and sprayed them all over myself, it was awful.

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