Mar 24, 2008

Once upon a time.....

there was a Homesteading Housewife named Dana.
She loved to play in the dirt and make things grow.
Her favorite thing in the world to grow was home grown heirloom tomatoes.

She would start her seedlings early each year in hopes she would get her juicy tomatoes at the earliest possible moment.
She would water them
She would feed them
She made sure they got the right amount of sunlight each day
and then she would place them out into her garden with great anticipation to let them grow grow grow.
They were doing wonderful outside in her garden.
Dana was very pleased.

This woman also loved her farm critters.
One day she looked into her rabbit pens and realized she has a lot of beautiful bunnies who were rather tame.
She had visions of cute furry bunnies hopping around her yard among her children.
It was a beautiful thought.
So, one day she let several of the cute furry critters loose to roam freely around her yard.

The rabbits were so happy to be free.
They scampered around the yard.
They would frolic with her cats.
They would follow her children wherever they went.

Dana loved to walk out of her door or pull into her driveway and see her beautiful bunnies grazing on the green grass.
People who came to her homestead were amazed to see tame bunnies wandering around freely.
They brought great joy to Dana's heart and she was pleased.

she realized what a truly horrible idea it was.

The next chapter to the story.... Dana Learns to container garden.
(in containers too tall for bunnies to reach!)


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Claire said...

Container gardens, huh? I might be thinkin' about rabbit stew! :-)

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