Mar 17, 2008

It's Official!!

Spring Has Sprung!!!!!!
Today I got the first sunburn of the season mowing my yard!!
whoo hooooo!

And I took a look around our homestead and lookie what I found!!

The first Yellow Rose of Texas in full bloom!
A pretty pink bud... I don't remember what it's called, So we'll just call it "Purdy"!
My Azalea bushes are COVERED in blooms/buds.
And the Jasmine... Oh the Jasmine... You can smell it from a mile away!!
I just love the smell of Jasmine!

Today the Tomato seedlings go out into the garden. I have always been told my the old-timers NOT to plant them until the pecan trees bud out. and I tell you what! It's true! Today I saw one tiny little bud on the pecan tree!! That's good enough for me!!!
Whoo Hoo!!!!
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Anonymous said...

Very pretty, thanks for sharing the beautiful pics, i an almost smell the flowers!

Claire said...

WOW, GORGEOUS FLOWERS! I want to start gardening, but have no idea how to begin. I guess getting off the computer and into Home Depot or Armstrong's is one way to do it. :-)

Lacey said...

It's officially spring here too!!! I have Magic Lily leaf things up about an inch or so...though they won't bloom till around July :-(. But I noticed that all the pretty little yellow March Flowers are blooming. Not sure what they're really called, but around here we call 'em March Flowers...cause they bloom in March..LOL. I love spring!!!

The Barber Bunch said...

That yellow rose is Beautiful. I can't wait until we get some flowers around here!


m~ said...

Yeah spring! I love the yellow rose. We are just now getting some trees to bud. The kiddos and I planted some flowers Friday. We haven't even started the garden. Last year we had a freeze at Easter so I'm trying to wait just a bit. Keep posting those beautiful pictures.

colourdujour said...

Purdy was my grandmothers maiden name... so we called her mother Grandma Purdy. I thought it was because she was a pretty grandma...well I was only six!

Anyway, your purdy flower looks like it might be a magnolia...we have one and it blooms twice once in the spring (april) and again at the end of June. It smells heavenly. come visit me I'll try to post a pic in about a month.

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