Mar 18, 2008

an hour of my life.

First Worker #1 gets his learners permit to drive.... Oooh Scary!

Now today, THIS KID got his!!!

They are both very happy.
They are both very excited.
They are both feeling very grown-up.
They are both driving me nuts asking to drive.

Come into my world......
Just for a minute or two....

(we get into the car... Worker #1 gets behind the wheel)
The next 30 minutes go something like this.....

"You can go a little faster if you want."
"turn on your blinker"
"Honey, the speed limit is 35... 15 is just a tad too slow."
"Stop looking at the speedometer... Look at the road."
"Stay on the road! There is enough room for the other car to pass you."
"Get off the white line or you'll end up in the ditch."
"You can go a little faster anytime you feel like it."
"Ignore that guy honking behind you, he's in a hurry."
"Stay in your lane!"
"Stop looking at the speedometer! I'll tell you if you even get close to the limit!"
"Off the white line!"
"If we go into the ditch I'm gonna kill you, you know!"
"Good job.. Get OUT!!!"

worker #2 gets in the drivers seat....
the next 30 min sound something like this....

"Do not use your left foot for the brake."
"Slow down a little bit.. the speed limit is 30 NOT 35."
"No you can not turn on the radio."
"You are a little too close to the yellow line, move over to the right a tad please."
"Watch your speed... look at the speedometer."
"Get your left foot away from the brake."
"Please stay in your own lane.. the other cars need room too ya know."
"Slow down."
"I really don't care how fast they are driving.. you need to slow down."
"Left Foot Back N O W!"
"Please look at the speedometer."
"Stay in your own lane."
"brake... Brake.. BRAKE!!!!!!"
"Good Job.. GET OUT!!!!!!"

Pray for me.
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The Barber Bunch said...

Oh my goodness......Good luck with that!


Kathleen said...

I nearly had a meltdown teaching my oldest son to drive. When it was time for the girls to learn I told my husband that he had to do it. Guess who ended up doing it? Yup. Me.

On the up-side, my oldest daughter drives me everywhere now because I hate driving. She isn't nearly as scary as my oldest son. ;)

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