Mar 31, 2008

Sewing Challenge. (Make a skirt out of old jeans)

Here we go again!
Remember about a month ago when I decided to try making a whole quilt in a day?
Well, today I'm trying another sewing challenge.
This may not seem like a major deal to some... But keep in mind...
I am not much of a seamstress. (that's putting it very VERY lightly!)
I am trying to learn.... Come learn with me!
See these Jeans and this skirt?
there is nothing wrong with either of them.
But I want something different.
I'm gonna combine them to make a new skirt!
First cut the in-seam of the jeans.
Starting at the cuff of one leg up through the crotch and down the other leg.
Be sure to cut very close to the seam-line already in your jeans.
So far.. not hard at all.

Here they are with the seam all cut.
Not scary yet huh?

After your in-seams are all cut, you want to cut up the front seam.
I cut mine almost all the way up to the zipper.
(Note- don't cut quite that far! leave yourself an inch or so under the zipper.)

Next I pinned the two front edges together.
You'll have to over-lap your fabric on the top so the leg pieces will meet all the way down.
Just play with it... and pin it all flat.
(so far, so good!)

That looks Good doesn't it?
Now to recap, you have what looks like a skirt in front, but you still have a big upside down V cut out of the back. (don't worry, we'll get to that soon)

At this point I tried it on (Careful of the pins!! OUCH!!). It is wonderful! But. It is rather form-fitting. and I decided that I am too Plump, Fat, Bumpy, Fluffy, curvaceous, for a straight-line skirt. So Now I'm working on a fuller, Plan B.

Stay tuned for plan B. It's on it's way!!!


Plan B

Ok, I decided I have a little too much "me" to pull off a straight form fitting skirt.
So I did NOT join the two legs together to make a solid jeans skirt in the front.
What I did instead was make the front the way I was planning on making the back of the skirt.

I cut my pretty floral skirt in half and used one half to fill in the opening in the front of the skirt.
(the big Up-side down V)
I gathered the floral fabric so it would be flowie (is that a word?) then just stitched the whole thing up.
Here it is all sewn
(well the front of it at least.)

I have only broken 2 needles so far.
Denim is tough on those needles.!
So far, I think it's going GREAT!!
I'll be back soon with an update as I work on the back of the skirt.
Wish me luck!


I almost didn't come back to post this update.
It's not that I don't like the way the skirt turned out.
I do... I really do! I think it's cute!
As a matter of fact, my neighbor came over when I was trying it on and she loved it!
She even wants me to make one for her!

I sewed the back just like I did the front. I pleated it
(ok it's SO not a pleat, pleats are formal, pleats are what a seamstress would make! Its bunched up.. ok?? I bunched it up)
so it would flow pretty. Then I stitched it right on up.
It's better to run a double row of stitching so it's more stable.

Then I tried it on....
It felt good (like my favorite jeans)...
So I asked worker #3 to snap a picture of the back so you could see how it went together.

ummmm There is a reason you have not seen pictures of my backside...
(I cried a little bit when I saw it.)
The thrill of my new cute skirt was crushed.
All I saw was

I plan to snip any raw edges and let them fray a little bit.
And I need to cut it to the right length.
I'll post finished pics.
On a HANGER!! not my big ole butt..
no-one needs to see that again!

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8 amazing comments. Talk To Me!!:

dykewife said...

you make me wish that i:
a) lived on a farm
b) was inclined to like farm work
c) could tolerate the concept of killing an animal that i'd raised (except chickens...but i hate the smell of wet feathers and their innards - i used to be the "corpse carrier" after they were killed on my uncle's farm)
d) that my sewing machine wasn't a piece of crap
e) that i liked sewing
f) that i lived farther south so it would be spring-ier (i can make up words too)
g) that i liked gardening despite the mosquitoes (that come from surrounding towns because i'm outside and they smell lunch), heat (i melt like the wet wicked witch - wait a minute) and dirt under my fingernails.

do you have a gardening book called "the joy of gardening by Dick Rayomond? he used to work for toro I (so it's like a veyr long advert) but he does wide row planting that helps reduce the amount of weeding one must do as well as companion planting (lettuces between tomatoes for the cooler shade).

it actually does work. i did wide row planting in raised beds (we have lots of clay in the soil way up north from you - i'm in saskatchewan) and the only places i had to weed were between the beds and in the beans where the canada thistles got away from me. it produced an amazing amount of produce.

he also does dry weather planting of tomatoes that works really well for areas that get less rain (and reduced the amount you have to water.

i really like the book lots (can you tell?).

anyway, i've been reading your blog for the past day (and reading some out loud to my husband because he likes a good laugh too...i'm just sayin'

Dana (The Homesteading Housewife) said...

Thanks for the book suggestion... I gotta get that one!

Thanks for the comment! comments make me dance a little jig!!

Anonymous said...

good try on making the skirt!

kimberly said...

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katty said...

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Anonymous said...

I am making this same skirt for something different to wear for a day out with my hubby. I am also a wide load and I am laughing and crying at the same time typing this. You are my hero for posting this for the world to see. I've saved your page as a favorite. Thank-you! Kay in CA...

Anonymous said...

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Displaced Texan said...

What happened to the completed skirt on a hanger picture? ;-P THANK YOU for posting such great directions for this project. I did a search on how to turn jeans into a skirt, read through several different pages of directions, before getting to yours. But yours was the only one (to that point) that addressed the HOW-TO of dealing with the seam up the back and to the zipper. THANK YOU! I am making skirts for my grandgirlies out of jeans that have gotten too short but still fit in the waist and butt to prolong the life of the pants and I appreciate the detail and honesty of your post. Kudos!

From another homeschool Mom/ whose kids are grown and giving me grandgirlies. :-)

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Comments make me dance a little jig.
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