May 19, 2008


After we saw the sign on the side of the road warning us that were now in gator country, We went gator hunting in the nature preserve. (to take pictures)
They have over a mile of walk-way through the marsh/wet-land/swamp. No side rails... nothing. A girl could fall in and never be found again!

Lots of the path was on dry land and not a boardwalk type thing...
You could look to your right and see a slide.
thats the path that big ole gators use to slide into the water.
Look to your left and there would be another one!
So This meant that BIG gators crossed the very path I was walking on daily!!
What on earth were these people thinking??? Don't they know how tasty a rather plump Texas gal may look to a big hungry gator??

See?? this was the slide on the right.
It took a BIG guy to make that slide!
After much walking and searching we spotted our first gator!
This one was about 5 feet long.
(ooooh Aaaahhh!)

Then we found This one... By the looks of things,
I wasn't the first plump gal who wandered along his path!
But lucky for me.... He was full buy the time I got there.
Seriously... You could walk right up to these guys if you really wanted to...
If you were the kinda person who had a death wish.

Now this fella.. I tried to take a better picture of him.. but the pesky weeds were in the way. So I sweetly asked the Man-of-My-Dreams to go move them aside so I could take a better shot. Can you believe he wouldn't go move them so his dear wife could take a better picture??? Geesh!

As we watched the non-moving-fake-looking gator we noticed some really cute baby birds running around about 6 feet from the slumbering monster.

Nature can be cruel... and it can suck ya right into a National Geographic mentality. I found myself cheering the little bird on and trying to tell it to go near the gator so it would move and gobble him up for an afternoon snack! (hanging my head in shame) I could almost hear Mafoooosah (from the Lion King) saying... It's the circle of Life......

But the little sucker never would go through the bushes to greet the gator. (darn it!)

On our way out this little fella ran right in front of us on the path. We stopped dead in our tracks and stared at him. He stopped dead in his tracks and stared at us. I nudged the Man-of-My-Dreams...
Grab Him!!
I said,
uh NO!
he said
Honey Grab him!

They have teeth too
Noooo just do it like Steve Irwin did it.... grab him right behind the head
There is not a chance in Hell I'm gonna grab that thing!

honey.... It would be soo cool and I could get a great picture of him, we could name him Bob.. He could live in our pond!!

Nope... Momma is probably round here somewhere


and yes.... I know I wasn't allowed to take Bob home.... **sigh** not that it mattered..... cause I am in love with a stubborn (and probably pretty darn smart) man!!

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dykewife said...

i read the exchange between you and hubby aloud to bran. we both chuckled. bran knows far too many men whose over developed sense of machismo would have had them doing our bidding. he was pleased your hubby would've done exactly what he would...use his sense of smarts.

Wendy said...

It looks like you were in my neck of the woods! Isn't it amazing down there? I live north of there, in the rural area a little east of Lake Charles. We get down to the coast every chance we get. Make sure ya'll do some crabbing when ya'll are down there. Your kids would love it. Mine do. We just ate fresh caught crabs from there last weekend. They flavor a seafood gumbo or stew like nothing else.

Dana (The Homesteading Housewife) said...

Yep... the Man-of-My-Dreams is working in Hackberry. :) Thats where we go. Close to you huh?

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