Jun 9, 2008

100 things I wanna do before I die (1-10)

I thought this might be fun.
Haven't you ever thought about your "list"?
You know... the list of things you want to do before you die?

I'm gonna start mine here....
We'll see just how strange I really am!

in no particular order.

1.) Alaskan Cruise. (I would love love love to see and explore Alaska via a ship and a train excursion.)

2.) Grow corn! (seriously... I can't grow corn to save my life! it starts out pretty... then dies off before it matures... Oh what I wouldn't give for sweet home-grown corn... **drool**)

3.) Throw Pots (well... I could throw pots now.. I wanna take a class and learn to make pottery... with a potters wheel, kiln and all)

4.) Sky Dive (I have done bungee, hot air ballooning, air planes, helicopter, now I wanna JUMP!)

5.) Learn Stained Glass (again, take a class, learn how to make beautiful glass stuff)

6.) Make butter and cheese (from milk from our own cow)

7.) Have Mt. Laundry finished, all dishes done, and the house totally clean all at the SAME TIME!

8.) Build an out-door kitchen (grills, clay bread oven, the works!)

9.) Deep sea scuba diving (when I was growing up I wanted to be a marine biologist I would love to explore a coral reef)

10.) Complete my Tree-Lined long driveway. (I just love 'em!)

More soon....
Whats on YOUR list?
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3 amazing comments. Talk To Me!!:

dykewife said...

i went sky diving on my very first flight. it was quite the story that i won't tell you until *after* you do your jump.

you can make butter with any milk you get from your cow by using your stand up mixer. my dad made butter once when he was supposed to be making whipped cream for my chocolate chiffon birthday cake.

life's an adventure.

Jenn said...

So far that is quite the list and so much better sounding then mine would be,can't wait to see the rest.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a list... can I use yours? sounds good to me!


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