Jun 10, 2008

Me & My Big Mouth!

ok a little background...
I have been known as the "Fire Lady" on our street for years....
I am just redneck enough to fill with pride at this fact.

Well... 2 years ago my neighbor (we are friends) built a HUGE fire on New Years Eve.
(she cheated tho.. burnt a couch!) ever since they have jokingly bragged that she is now the fire queen.
I drove by their pasture yesterday and saw a HUGE Tee-Pee shaped Bonfire structure being built.
I found out today that they are planning to use it on the 4th of July.

So being the competitive person that I am, I stuck this letter in her Mail box today.

To: the Br*** Family
From: the Clover Family

It has come to our attention that you have thrown down the gauntlet.

Do not think for one moment that your taunting has gone unnoticed by us.
We have seen your rather small bonfire structure in the pasture closest to our property.

This letter is to formally accept the challenge that you obviously have extended.

When = July 4th 2008 at sun-down
where = Our respective pastures
Why = to return the title of Bonfire Champions to the Clovers

The Clovers Shall Be VICTORIOUS!!!
Be Afraid....Be VERY Afraid!!


I know I know.... thats a lot of smack to talk...
but as you can see... I MUST win now....

The boys plan to go cut down every unwanted small tree tomorrow and let them lie so they can dry....
We dont plan to build our structure until July 3rd so they wont see it....

My question....How the heck to I make sure I have the tallest fire??
I am not an architect or engineer.
I just pile stuff up and light em...
any Bonfire experts out there??

I may have just bitten off more than I can chew....
I'll keep ya posted!
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4 amazing comments. Talk To Me!!:

Anonymous said...

Dana your a nut!
I want you for my neighbor!
have fun!


Anonymous said...

Be careful. Have fun. Margie

Jenn said...

How funny, be safe Fire Queen !

Wendy said...

I dunno but it sounds like fun. Good Luck!

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