Jul 31, 2008

Pity from Strangers.

Standing in line at the little Cajun Deli counter, staffed by two delightful old women who call you Sugah, and Darlin', and have genuine smiles in their eyes, as they prepare all things spicy and fried.

I mentioned to the 4 yr old Little-Foreman-in-Pink, that we should hurry up and get lunch so we can go clean Daddy's messy little house... (we destroyed it that morning, not a hard thing to do in a space that small, mind you)
"Oh Yes!" she said.. "Daddy will be sooooo mad and he will beat you up!"
(this has been a running joke in our house for years... He says he's gonna make my eye bleed "One of these days" And I'm usually gonna knock him off for insurance money.)

Well... Those two sweet Cajun's were over on my side of the counter quicker than a flash... "Poor Thing", & "You poor Darlin" "Don't you let no man lay a hand on you"...
I tried to explain that he has never and would never ever raise his hand to me. (he isn't stupid!)

They weren't buying it.
They would just nod and say they understood and kept telling me that I should not put up with it.

They even stuck two free fried raspberry cheesecake pockets into my lunch with a wink... and told me to "take care Sugah"...

I felt awful.... Thank goodness they didn't who my husband was.... They serve him often and both love him..... It would break their hearts to think he was hitting on me.

Oh! and the pity raspberry cheesecake pockets were scrumptious!
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Traci said...

Oh....you are BAAAAAAAD. Remind hubby to not take daughter to their place EVER....lol.

Rose said...

Kids will get you in trouble quicker than anyone. This is so funny!

Jenn said...

I was going to say that too he better never take her in there with him! I love fried cheesecake!

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