Aug 1, 2008

Bad Mom Confession #637

As you know Worker #3 is on his first camping trip away from home/family.
They are wayyy out in the Texas dessert.
They are so far out that even the Scout leaders cell phones don't work.

Well... the boys were hiking to the top of a mountain last night, when they got there they realized that the phones worked, so the troop leaders let them call their parents.

My cell phone doesn't work in Man Town, so I have a little cheap Trac Phone here that does.
I listed it for an emergency contact number but Worker #3 does not know my Man-Town cell phone number.
His friends mom called me telling me that he was trying to get ahold of me, and gave me the troop leaders phone number.

I called and called... I guess they were out of range again because all I got was his voicemail.
I feel terrible!

Man.. How do you think he feels being the only kid who didn't get to talk to his parents?
Kinda like being the last one picked up at school... and THAT sucks!!
I can just imagine his disappointed little face....
He has never ever gone this long without talking to me... never ever....

I suck...

just another reason I'm the founding member of Bad Mothers Anonymous
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Anonymous said...

Aw, man, Dana. I'm sorry. I know how that feels. I hate it for you. Keep trying. Maybe you can reach him in a little bit. But he'll be ok. I'm sure there are plenty things to keep him occupied. Smile. Margie

Kristin said...

Coming out of lurkdom here....

Bummer you missed the call. I know it is hard to feel you've let your kids down. (I suppose I do it on a daily basis; heck an hourly basis; wait.... my son would say a minute by minute basis!) I'm sure your son is fine and may have even forgotten about it by now.

Your son's troop is dang lucky. My husband is Scoutmaster for my son's troop and absolutely NO cell phones (or other techie gadgets) are allowed during scout trips. (they can have the phones in the car to call home as they approach the pick up spot so Mom or Dad can be waiting, but no other calls allowed) Nothing takes away from the true experience of being outdoors than modern gadgets. (or so my husband says - I think it makes it a bit more palatable, myself. ;0) )

So, all in all, you do not suck. Boys need to learn to deal with disappointment to mature. If anything you just helped him more along that path than any of the other moms did. So there you go! You did your job better than them. tee hee

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