Jul 22, 2008

Who do I have to pay?

To get some rain?
Our farm needs rain! (I'm holding out for some residual rain from Hurricane Dolly)
The sad thing is that everybody around us has had rain and we have had nothing!
Seriously... I'll be in town (7 miles away) and it will be pouring..
I drive home.. bone dry!
It's like someone put a bowl over our farm!

My trees are wilting..
My garden is soo fried...
My grass is crispy...
My pond is half empty...
My pasture is cracking...

And houses 1 mile away have lush green lawns!

I have done something to anger the rain Gods, I guess.

I tried doing the naked rain dance....
Wait a minute....
Uh oh...
That may be the problem!
I scared the Rain Gods away!
Just like these girls... you'd think I would have learned my lesson wouldn't ya?

Guess not,
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Anonymous said...

Girl! I feel your pain!


Bottles Barbies & Boys said...

lol I completely understand the drought bubble your referring too.

I think we've prayed too much. Now it rains several times a day!! Too much rain is killing the garden

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