Aug 13, 2008

I Love.... (confession)

I feel it it time to let you know another deep dark dorky secret about me.

When I was a young girl, my friends were all in love with teen heart-throbs.

You know... the pretty boys from TV and all the magazines.
Guys like; David Cassidy, John Schneider, Shaun Cassidy, John Travolta (I have my own story about him, but it took place much later in life) , Donny Osmond etc...

Me? not so much.
I was in love with another singing super-star.
And to tell you the truth.. I still kinda am.

My poor mother stood in line for over 11 hours to get me tickets to see him in concert when he came to town.
As I sat in the crowd, I noticed I was the only girl there under the age of 40.
I didn't care!
I sat there memorized looking at nothing on stage but a single perfect white piano.
I knew he would be there soon.
When he finally appeared on stage, I began to weep.

It was not the pretty tear rolling down the cheek kinda weep...
It was the snorting, sniffling, snot-flinging, whaling, kinda weep.
It wasn't cute.
There was even a reporter from the Akron Beacon Journal newspaper sitting beside me scribbling on his little notepad...
The next day the headline said....

He Writes the Songs the Make the Young Girls Cry...
Thank God he didn't get a picture with it!

I was gonna marry him.
I was gonna have his babies.
**sigh** it wasn't meant to be.

I love...
Barry Manilow!

My Stud-Muffin

Barry, If you read this..... Call Me!!!!!
I know you just had your hip replaced...
I'd make a GREAT nurse!!! really! I would!
Just don't tell the Man-of-My-Dreams ok?

Oh Come on!!
You can't tell me that hearing him sing Copa-Cabana doesn't make your hips swing!

Don't worry... I redeemed myself with the next "cool" concert when I saw Rick Springfield.
(but he didn't make me cry!)

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Anonymous said...

You crack me up. I am so sorry but Barry does nothing for me. I am glad that you got to see him though.


Anonymous said...

Awww, I love him too! I saw him when he played for Bette Midler. I was so excited he had an album! I went the next day to get it, and my heart broke. It wouldn't be released for a month yet..**sniff sniff**


Bethany said...

you are SUCH a dork! But I love ya anyways. I just don't share your love of over-aged crooners.

- your spoiled rotten, city girl, little sister

CharmaineZoe said...

As soon as you said 'white piano' I knew exactly who it was! It was like a little lightbulb going off in my head, and the funny thing is I am not particurly a fan of his, although I do like him and his music :-) That was kind of wierd!!! He has obviously made more of an impression on my little grey cells than I realised :-)

Traci said...

Too funny.....I too loved him! When I was in 4th grade, I got a "portable" tape player and a Barry Manilow cassette tape! I remember taking it to school and we would all sit around at recess singing his songs.....ahhhhhh the good ol days.

Misty said...

Beacon Journal, eh? I have a feeling we grew up in the same area.

How funny that the world is so small.

Jennifer Robin said...

My heart throb was Bobby Sherman (remember him?) Now, my granddaughter watches him on DVD's of the old series "Here Come the Brides," and he's her favorite too!

Mominem said...

I loved Barry - I had all of his albums. When I got married (10 years later!) and we were moving my things into his house, T-Bone found my Manilow albums. He stood there for a very long time, looking at them. Then he said to me "You are not the person that I thought you were." Gee - was it that bad?!

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