Aug 13, 2008

Daily Sob..

We have established that I am a sucker for songs.
I heard a doozy today... It caught me off guard and the next thing I knew I was sitting at my desk sobbing.

The song is "You're Missing It" by Jason Walker.
I looked and looked for a place I could link to it so you could listen and cry with me.
The only thing I found was this YouTube post about some TV show (One Tree Hill)
I have never seen the show..
But listen to the song....
I'm loving it!!

Oh the things it makes me think about...
Lost loves...
An absent parent...
Loved ones that have passed on...
Torn-apart friendships...
Take your pick.

Oh.. and don't forget the Kleenex.

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Anonymous said...

wow! I am NOT a sucker for songs and this one has me misty.
Thanks for sharing it.. now I have to go to i-tunes and buy it!


Anonymous said...

Great song!


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