Aug 7, 2008

I should've known. (rant of the day)

I am trying to be a "Good-Girl" and stick to my diet and exercise routine.
So, I figured it would be smart to have something in the house that I could grab if and when a sweet craving hits me.
I found some fat-free & sugar-free Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream at the store.
The picture looked dreamily creamy and decedent.

It did cost way more than the good old sugar and fat filled version, but hey! We must pay for the chance to have a creamy sweet treat and not suffer the consequences right?

I ate my sensible lunch.
Battled with the evil treadmill.
Then decided to reward myself with a little scoop of ice cream.
I opened the lid.
It smelled good!
It looked good!
I was excited!
I went to the bedroom and locked myself inside so I could enjoy it all by myself....
Took a nice spoonful making sure I had the perfect bite with an even distribution of fudge and brownie... then I tasted it.

Remember when you were about 5 years old and you made mud pies in the yard?
Yeah... It kinda tasted like that.
It even had the grainy texture of a mud pie!!

Don't they do consumer test panels for these products?
I mean there is no way on Earth that a room full of people could have possibly checked the little box on their blind taste test clip-board that said "Yummy"!

We can put a man on the moon.
We can run a car on used Veg oil.
We can transplant a heart.
We can call Aunt Gertrude in Zimbabwe.
Heck! We even have a little blue pill that makes our men do... well... what men want to do!!
But I can't have ice cream that doesn't make my butt fatter and actually taste good at the same time??

Back to the stupid treadmill...
(grumble grumble)
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Tracy said...

My son is pre-diabetic and we have bought him some sugar-free(not sure if it was fat free though) ice cream. He's had vanilla, maple nut and cookies and cream. They were either Breyers or Perry brands and he said they were good. They were somewhat grainy but not enough to make it nasty. Not sure if you have those available but worth a try!

mamagarrett said...

Try the no sugar added fudgsicles! They have only 40 calories per fudgesicle, and I think they taste absolutely great.

Love your blog!!

looney said...

Next time, try a handful of blueberries with Splenda sprinkled on them...
Or try substituting splenda in some of your other is a great way to cut calories.
Tracy--Most sugar free ice creams have a LOT of added fat, so they are not good for diabetics--they have to watch fat intake as well as carbohydrates--they have to add a lot of fat to cover the sugar free taste.

Ann said...

I found you through Mom Bloggers Club.
OH I get this! And I'm done eating mud pies.
I've decided to just go for the sugar and do the extra leg lifts.
(No matter how much I hate them!)

Bethany said...

What's Aunt Gertrude doing in Zimbabwe???

- your spoiled-rotten, "city girl", little sister

Dana said...

geesh! gotta LOVE smart-ass little sisters! ;)

Therese said...

Try the weight watchers ice cream bars and fudgicles, they are good.

Claire said...

The Skinny Cow fudgsicles are awesome!

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