Aug 8, 2008

Oh The Horror!!

I'm the "Worlds Meanest Girl".
That's what the you called me this morning.
All because I wouldn't let you have ice cream for breakfast.

hmmmm maybe we ARE related! Ice Cream fills my thoughts too little girl.
If I can't have it EVER..
You can't have it for breakfast..
Deal with it!

If you are this moody when you can't have ice cream on a whim at the age of four...
What on Earth are you gonna be like at 36 and your on a diet?? (like me)
God! I sure hope your married and gone by then, cause I don't wanna see it!

The worlds meanest girl. A.K.A. Mommy
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Cottage said...

Hmmm....Me thinks you have met your match in that beautiful child.
Could she be your clone? Just looking forward to the posts she will have you writing in the days to come

She is adorable!


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