Aug 8, 2008

What'cha Think?

I am a card carrying member of the furniture re-arranger club.
I am forever changing placement of furniture in my house.
(It drives the men of the house Crazy!)

Well I used to, until my wonderful step-mother-in-law finally gave into my whining & begging and gave me her antique 11 foot long church pew.
I love that old white pew.

But there is one little problem... the only place it will fit in my tiny farm house is along the only windowless & doorless wall in the Living Room.
The remaining walls are covered with windows, or the front door, and then ya got a bar opening into the kitchen.
So... I have my pew, but I cannot rearrange furniture ever again in that room! There is just no other way it can be.

Our home is so small and so full of people, there is just nothing I can move to make it any better.

So, what is a furniture arranging freak like me supposed to do?
Rearrange my blog of course!

So.. what do you think of the new look?
Let me have it!
Love it?
Hate it?
Eh.. doesn't matter?

cause there is no way I am done yet...
Things are bound to be moving around for awhile.
The people who actually take the time to read my dribble might as well have a say!
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8 amazing comments. Talk To Me!!:

dykewife said...

lovely. blue is my favourite colour :)

Athy said...

I love it! How'd you do it? Or is that a super secret? :D Don't blame you if it is!

Dana said...

it's not a big secret.. as a matter of fact, it isn't even hard!
just google "blogger templates" find one you like. copy the html code into your templates spot on your dashboard and POOF it's there! :) if you need any help, let me know.. I am NO expert.. but am learning.

Traci said...

Forget the blog....I want to see the PEW!!! I've been looking for one for my back patio.....we have terrible wind and I think those things are just about heavy enough to withstand the winds. OH, the blog is easier to read....thanks.

janie said...

i love the blue with the yellow flowers. i'm usually not a yellow person, but they look lovely with the blue background

Doris said...

I like it. Now show us the pew.

Ann said...

I like the look.
And I like your "dribble" too.

(I also belong to the "Furniture Rearrangers Club"!)

Dana said...

Ask and you shall receive...
I'll post a pic of the pew in the next few days.
as soon as I move the folded laundry, and Wii games off of it... (shaking her head) this may never happen! it is a horizontal surface ya know! and every horizontal surface in my house is a magnet for clutter. **sigh**

Thanks for the comments! I burst into song when I get comments!

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