Aug 5, 2008

Well... Thats one way to get what I want.

I have been asking for rain, someone listened.
Tropical Storm Edouard is knocking at our back door.

We are ready for the worst, but planning for the best.
We needed this rain soo badly I'll take it any way I can get it!

In our rural area, we lose power in almost any storm, so I am planning on losing power.
We have plenty of Ice, water, fire-cookable foods, oil lamps/candles, batteries etc...
That's one good thing about living in a place where we get hurricanes...
We are more than ready for most bad weather.

I'll keep posting in real-time through my tweets to the right of this post.
C-ya after the storm. (when the power comes back on)
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dykewife said...

it sounds like you might want to invest in an alternate source of power, like solar cells or a generator, at least to run your fridge and deep freezer.

good luck

Dana (The Homesteading Housewife) said...

Oh you can bet we have a generator after going almost three weeks with no power after Rita :)

I would LOVE to have solar.... but the initial set up is $$$$ wow!

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