Aug 2, 2008

Who Are They?

Have I mentioned lately how much I miss my little boys?
My sweet, loving, huggable, innocent little boys.

They have been replaced by TEENAGERS!

That's right...
Big, Smelly, Awkward-Hairs-Popping-Out-Of-Their-Chins, Hormones Raging, Moody, Cranky, Attitude-Filled, Hair and Clothes Obsessed, Too Much Cologne Wearing, Texting on Their Cell Phones, Know-it-All, Complaining, Competing, Checking Out the "Hot" Girls, Must Have the Cool Shoes, Flexing in the Mirror, Eye Rolling, Too Loud Music Playing, Wanting to Drive the Car, All Knowing, It's not Cool to Hug Your Mom in Front of Others, Privacy Wanting, Smelly Feet, I-Pod Listening, Balls of Yuckyness. (whew!)

I'm not exactly sure when it started because it seems like just last week they were perfectly content to curl up in my lap, and give me a big ole hug.

Now, don't get me wrong.. they are good kids...
But Man....
I miss my babies!

They do outgrow this yucky phase don't they?
Please tell me they do.....

Or send me cheesecake.
I may need it to get through all of them!!
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3 amazing comments. Talk To Me!!:

Pat said...

You missed the talking in grunts. I used to ask my sons if that was a "yes" grunt or a "no" grunt. Then you just learn to interpet it and you know by the inflection they give the grunt. I too miss my babies.

Shelljo said...

If you think the boys are bad...wait till the foreman in pink becomes a teenager.

Margret said...

It's amazing, but something definitely changes after those "all knowing, yuckiness" years, and thoughtful, generous, witty, fine young men show up, claiming to be your sons....I have 3 who are now 27, 25, and 19. Their sisters and I are amazed. (And it's great fun to watch my boys playing with their nephews too!) Hang in there and someday, they will actually tell you how grateful they are for all you have done for them. It's a MIRACLE!

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