Oct 18, 2008

Best season ever!!

It's finally starting to feel a little "fall'ish" around the farm!
I am so excited!
I love living in Texas...
But the heat can just about kill ya!
Fall is my favorite time of year.

The crisp, cool air.
The smell of apple butter simmering on the stove.
The camp fire.
The sound of crunching fall leaves on the ground.
Wearing blue jeans and not sweating to death.
Opening the windows and turning off the a/c.
Listening to all the Hoot Owls at night.
Hot chocolate with BIG homemade marshmallows.
Making Chili!!
Snuggling under a blanket with the Man of My Dreams.
Mowing the yard every OTHER week.
Wearing the sweaters that hide my fat roll MUCH better than tank-tops do!

I love Fall!

Whats your favorite season?
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Just Me said...

Fall is definately without a doubt my favorite time of the year. The only problem is I live in Central California, where are seasons are: Spring - 1 week (allergies)
Summer- 40 weeks (hot as all get out)
Fall - 1 week (hasn't happened yet)and more allergies
Winter - 10 weeks, maybe (fog, fog, and more fog)

Oh, to have 4 seasons - I'll continue to dream.

Zip n Tizzy said...

Fall for me too.
And from the looks of half the blogs out there, we're not alone!

savvysuzie said...

I live in New England, so the weather can rarely be counted on...except for the bitter, biting, icy, straight-from-the-pits-of-youknowwhere cold. So pretty much any season but winter is my favorite!

stickymama said...

I'm a summer gal myself, so fall usually leaves me feeling a little mournful. But we've had a gorgeous October, and I'm enjoying the crisp weather and clear skies. Today: wearing a tank top and flip flops but buying sweaters and boots.

Anne M. said...

I love spring the most, everything so new and green =)

but fall is definitely my second favorite, all the lovely colors from brown to yellow. fall always makes me regret all the things I didn't get done during summer.

Janie said...

when we lived in new england and we actually got snow, i loved winter. now that we are back i the south where we get cold but rarely any snow to throw the kids out in, i guess fall is becoming my favorite season. it's cool enough to be able to do things outside with out over heating, but it's not so cold that i can't walk because of achy joints.

The Crooked Stamper said...

Absolutely Fall/Autumn. It is such a relief after the DC summers of Hazy, Hot & Humid. Ugh. I sat outside at a farmers market all day yesterday...sweet!

Tammy W said...

Nice site, entrecarded here. I too love fall and hopefully we may be moving to Texas!

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