Oct 15, 2008

I Want That! Wednesday

I live on a farm.
I live in a farm house.
My farmhouse is not the cute little quaint type of farmhouse.
My farmhouse is the old, needing repair, needing more room, Needing a better functioning kitchen type of farmhouse.

The first thing that I want for my farmhouse kitchen
Is a farmhouse sink!

How cute is this???
How Bout you?
What do you want??
BIG... small...
Practical.... outrageous?
Whatcha want?

Join below!

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Have fun!

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7 amazing comments. Talk To Me!!:

Tiffany said...
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Star8278 said...

That is adorable. But sadly, not big enough underneath to hide all the stuff I have stuffed under our sink.

Tiffany said...

Too cute. My house is more modern. But I love the farm house look. That sink would be perfect in a farm house.

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Anne M. said...

ooo...I want it too! you could fit all kinds of huge pans in there, or kids, etc. LOL!

Lisa said...

That is cute. One day, I'm going to have a little farmhouse/retro kitchen. I love to surf vintage sites, imagining what I'll put in my little kitchen.

Bella Casa said...

Love that sink and curtain!!!

Found you via EntreCard.

Nice to meet you,

The Crooked Stamper said...

I want this sink, too! I live in a condo in the 'burbs, but I still love it and covet it. One day it will be mine!

PS: Linked to you from PW's site. ;-)

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