Oct 29, 2008

I Want THAT!! Wednesday!!

If you have been round this site for more than a few weeks, you know that I have changed the look of things here quite a few times.
I have done this in attempts of trying to find a look that suits my needs and gives me the feeling of "home".

I have spent countless hours looking through templates trying to find the perfect look for this silly little blog 'o mine.
But I haven't found the perfect look yet. I really like the look and feel of the layout that I am using right now... the only problem is that everyone else loves it so much that it used on blogs everywhere!

I long to find the perfect look for this site. and I want it to be unique and only on my site.

So... This week's I Want THAT! Is....

A Unique Custom Website Design
wanna know a little secret? I am lucky enough to have found a wonderful woman who is making this dream come true! She is a very VERY talented designer and her prices can't be beat!

Stay Tuned for more info!

p.s. .... It will be here before we know it!

How Bout you?
What do you want??
BIG... small...
Practical.... outrageous?
Whatcha want?

Join below!

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Have fun!

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6 amazing comments. Talk To Me!!:

Anne M. said...

oooh a new web design! YEA! I always love messing with the design of my blog too. I'll have my fingers crossed that it'll be one you'll feel comfortable in =)

Willow said...

Cool, I can't wait to see the new look! I have decided that I am absolutely incapable of keeping the same look for long. I just get bored or find something I like just a **little** bit better.

Tammy W said...

I played and played with my blog. I finally got is close to what I wanted after hours and hours of work and searching THEN I won a blog design!!!!! WOO HOO!

janie said...

i love the new design going on now. very cute!

Elle said...

I really like the new design. It's so pretty and homey.

dykewife said...

saturday's lottery draw is $26 million. i'd be content with that :D

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