Nov 11, 2008

On the Bright Side.

I have whined, cried, bitched, complained about the fact that my young-folk are growing up too fast many times in this Lil-Blog-O-Mine.

Today I realized that there are indeed some good things that come with the short people getting older.

1.) Worker #2 has decided that he likes to do the laundry.
( I truly think it's because that means he doesn't have to fold it.. But Hey! I don't care.. HE is washing it.. NOT ME!)

2.) The tech crap I don't wanna do, They can do for me and actually LIKE doing it!
I bought the Little-Foreman-in-Pink a new MP3 for her birthday, I really didn't feel like trying to figure it all out and get it put together and running... No problem.. Worker #1 to the rescue!! and he was glad to do it!

3.) When the cows manage, yet again, to get out of their pasture, I have plenty of cowboys to help wrangle them back to where they belong.

4.) When it's raining and I need gas... They pump it!

5.) When I go to the feed store and get all those 50lb bags of feed? They haul it to the barn!

6.) When something breaks.... They actually LIKE trying to figure out how to fix it.. and they are getting pretty darn good at it!

Whoo Hoo!

Now, I don't promise to embrace each birthday with joy as I watch my babies grow up..
I'd like them to stay my cuddly little ones, but It's nice to know they have my back!
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JANE said...

Girl I know exactly how you feel! I had to get the 14 yr old to show me how to text just the other day!
But then I just had a wave of sadness looking at the 6 yr old and knowing he's my last boy to be that age when they don't have a care in the world at times!!

Bethany said...

I still don't trust your children to pump my gas, ever since worker #1 sprayed me with gasoline when I tried to be the "cool aunt" and let him do it for me.

But I agree with everything else! Whenever they're using my Mac, I expect that I'll have to explain how to use it, but they pick it up so quickly! (So unlike our mother!)

- your spoiled rotten, "city girl" little sister

Jennifer said...

This is too true...sad to see 'em grow so fast, happy for the help. I make mine do at least 2 things around the house a day~ trash, dishes, sweep, vacuum, etc. We don't do allowance either...because of x box, playstation 2, four wheeler, etc....that's their pay.

Good Read,

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

My kids are getting older too and while it has bittersweet moments I do enjoy the fact that they can brush their own teeth, tie their own shoes and go out and turn on the car to warm it up for me :-)

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