Nov 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Aftermath.

Every year we host the BIG Thanksgiving Day meal at our house.
Well, to tell the truth, we host most holidays here,
We have the most people.
We have the most outdoor room.
And, I'm kinda a control freak so I like people to come here instead of going to someone else's house.
Not to mention I detest driving in to the city for "fun"... I like it out here.

The family loves coming out to the farm.
They love seeing all the animals grow.
The slower pace of things out here.
We always have a nice time.

I love to cook.
I love to prepare party stuff.
I love it all.
EXCEPT the aftermath!

My family came over today for the big Thanksgiving Day dinner.
We had great food!
We had great conversation.

Everyone left with their Tupperware containers full of left-overs.
This year, My mother and sister even took the boys with them for the week-end!
Whoo Hoo!!
The remainder of the week-end will just be spent with the Man-of-My-Dreams and our little Pink One.

And while I am excited about the thought of a week-end of
no fighting
no farting competitions
no loud music blaring
no things being bumped into and broken
etc etc etc...

I realize one major flaw in my plan.

Ummm Yeah...
Send all your helpers away BEFORE clean-up...
Really REALLY Smart!

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Bethany said...

I wondered WHY we were leaving before clean-up, but I figured a house full of boys for any longer would have been pandemonium. I couldn't even handle TWO in my car!

- your spoiled-rotten, "city girl", little sister

Carol said...

We use the clean-as-you-go system, so by the time we're done eating all that's left to put in the dishwasher are the things on the table.

After everyone's had seconds, we do the buffet line items. Pack things up in tupperware and wash the serving things...again, as you go.

It's so stinkin' boring and makes us sound all organized and stuff. blah. But it does prevent sink pile-ups.

Tatersmama said...

I always had a tradition of "I supply the meal.. YOU supply the elbow grease". Not that it always worked well, but I loved saying it anyway.
And with your boys gone for the weekend, once the kitchen's done, it will stay done for a few days.
Fingers crossed, anyway. :o)

Erin Tales said...

Hello Dishwasher!

janie said...

yep we, i mean i, did the clean as you go thing. my mom was helping me with the cooking, but i washed everything as we got it dirty and it dropped in the sink. then all that was left at the end were the dishes from the table and a couple of serving dishes.
my sister took my daughter for the night and my dad brought her home this morning.

Cindy said...

Funny, Dana! I hope everything is all cleaned up now, and you and your oldest and youngest sweeties are enjoying your time alone.

Have a great weekend!

Rachelle said...

Hi, I just found your blog the other day. I hate the cleanup too, but love my dishwasher. I see you also use that Lemi Shine...THE BEST stuff out there! I recently discovered it, and am on my 2nd bottle already ;)

Scott Waschlerner said...

I adore home Thanksgiving party a lot too.. But how big mess I always have after it. Last year I made present for all my family. we bought dishwasher. You it is great thing if you have big family and a lot of dirty plates. We bought not expensive equipment, it was only siemens but we totally satisfied about it. Especially my wife)

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