Dec 22, 2008

Dear Santa,

I have been a really good girl this year.
I may have not been that successful in the mom department.

There was that time I left to go to the store and forgot that worker #4 was home sick in bed asleep. But I remembered before I made it all the way to town!

And the time I accidentally mistook the frozen doggie treats with the beef jerky and Worker #1 ate the whole bag for lunch at school.

Worker #2 is still upset at me for turning him and his friends in at school for skipping gym class.

Making that hot chocolate with salt instead of sugar didn't go over too well on that first really cold day of the season.

Forgetting those darn Christmas cookies for the class party didn't thrill worker #4.

The Little-Foreman-in-Pink is still mad at me for letting her eat that piece of bakers chocolate and laughing hysterically when she almost threw up from the bitterness.

Forgetting worker #3's award ceremony isn't really THAT big of a deal is it?? I mean come on! there will be many more in the next few years!

I was a great wife this year though!!

well... except that time I didn't notice the crayons in the dryer before I washed the Man-of-My-Dreams work cover-alls... Tie-die clothing is making a comeback!

Oh, and the batch of cookies I made just for him full of wonderful walnuts. Even though I know he hates nuts.

And I never have quite gotten around to cleaning out that closet like I have promised him I would do for the past 8 months. I've been busy!

Oh and that air compressor that I gave away thinking it didn't work anymore, yeah... the one that he needed to air up his tires before he could go anywhere? that one. oops!

Oh Shoot....
I'll try harder next year.
I kinda like coal!

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Anonymous said...

That is so FUNNY! Great idea.

I am in the process of making your homemade cream of broccoli soup, using your recipe as a guide line for a huge pot. Looking forward to taking 1/2 to in-laws to have before Christmas dinner.

Merry Christmas


Bethany said...

Can I add something about being a good sister?

J/k - you've been great. :o)

- your spoiled rotten, "city girl", little sister

Shileen said...

Very funny!!

Jenn said...

I just want to say that it is SO refreshing to know another mom out there sometimes forgets stuff and has even managed to forget kids at times!

I am so tired of hearing about all these perfect moms who never forget anything, their hair is always stylish and they wear designer shoes and purses. I was starting to feel pretty darn pathetic at this whole mom gig.

Thank you for making me realize I'm not a loser mom...just a busy one! Merry Christmas!

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