Dec 20, 2008

Gone to the Game!

Thats what countless signs on the front doors of houses and businesses alike in our tiny town will say today.
One of the things about living in a tiny town is the community pride that they seem to have.
The parades and celebrations throughout the year are wonderful!

We'll throw a parade at the drop of a hat!
Little towns love parades.
Pick-up trucks and tractors hauling trailers that are decorated with brightly colored paper streamers and balloons.
Hay bales are makeshift seats for the Boy Scout Troop, Homecoming Court, Rodeo Kings and Queens, and even Santa Clause.
The high school marching band leads the way and the Volunteer fire truck brings up the rear with its loud siren blaring.
School lets out for the parades.
The opening ceremony/parade for the FFA (future farmers of America) rodeo is a school holiday in this little town!

Today is one of those days when community spirit is so strong you can smell it in the air.
Our High School football team is playing in the state finals!

If you don't live in Texas, you may not understand...
You see, in Texas, High School Football is a HUGE thing!
It's bigger than the NFL.
It's bigger than Baseball.
The world revolves around Friday night football games in a small Texas town!

The Championship game is being played 4 hours away from here.
I truly think the Little-Foreman-in-Pink and I will just about be the only people left here during the game.

This is the farthest we have ever gone in football.
It would be great if we actually brought home the State Championship trophy!
Our little town has had a rough couple of years.
We are still recovering from Hurricane Ike...
This would be great!!

The Feed store will be closed.
The drug store will be closed.
The diner will be closed.
The mom & pop grocery store will be closed.
The streets will be empty.
All will be quiet.

Cause everybody will be...
"Gone To The Game!!"

ooooooh I can only imagine the parade we'll have if we win!

Go Broncos!!!!!

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8 amazing comments. Talk To Me!!:

momgen said...

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Laura said...

I love your site! I have an award for you on my blog. Wishing you and your's a wonderful Christmas!

pita said...


hope you and the girl have fun with the whole town to yourself :)

Claire said...

That is so neat! I so wish I lived in a small, Texas town. One can only dream...

Tatersmama said...

Finger and toes crossed that you win!
At my age, I bet I could even cross my boobies, but I think I'll spare you that horrible mental image! Oh dear, is it too late? Did ya visulaize it?? *wink*


I hope y'all win!!!

JANE said...

Grew up in Georgia and we got High School football, in fact it was in Athens home of UGA. My senior year my HS team was in the state finals, it was Great!! The whole town was involved including the university! Enjoy!!

Dana (the Homesteading Housewife) said...

We fought a good fight.
We have a GREAT team!
But alas, we lost this game.
But we are still soooo proud of our boys!!
Never in the history of Dayton HS Football have we made it to the state finals!
Our little town is the second place team in the whole state of TEXAS....
Thats HUGE man!! HUGE!!

Way to go Broncos!!!
Waving my purple pom-pom's like a crazy woman!

Nancy M. said...

That's how our town is too. If you're not AT the football games, people think there is something wrong with you. Our team did win the state championship this year.

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