Dec 15, 2008

Men who give me goosebumps

Yes of course the Man-of-My-Dreams gives me goosebumps, but this time I am talking about the men in the video below.

Not for the usual goosebumps-getting-way, But it's their singing. They are a wonderful a-cappella group who call them selves "Straight No Chaser". I have always loved a-cappella music.. goosebumps baby.. goosebumps.

Here is my favorite Christmas medley that they perform.
Enjoy! And I dare you not to giggle a little bit!

And did you think I could show you a YouTube video without slipping in my favorite of all time??
Not a chance!
My hero Mom.
Listen and welcome to my life!

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Steph said...

Found your website via The Pioneer Woman.....loved the Straight No Chaser video and the Dance Around the Kitchen with me....great taste in music! Lived in Waco for 4 homesick...moved back home and my my husband followed me back. I joke that if we still lived there we'd still be dating with four kids.....I love his mom dearly...but she did everything for her boys. :)
Thanks for sharing!


check out my family website at

sticky said...

That was great! Thanks for posting!

I love your website. It's beautiful and i really love 'listening' to you. I don't live in Texas or anywhere close, but I like your views on life and your humor...

Have a lovely day...

Hannah Noel said...

I LOVE Anita Renfro! My sister and I got to hear this (And a few other of her original goodies) at the Women of Faith convention! She was HILARIOUS-- and what a great speaker!

aprilbapryll said...

I held it together until the sprang Toto on me, and then I had to have a giggle. Thanks!

Renée aka Mekhismom said...

Oh yes, I love that video. She is great and captures motherhood so well.

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