Dec 17, 2008

a Missunderstood Christmas.

The Little-Foreman-in-Pink is now five years old.
This means that she is the fun age for Christmas.
She is all about Christmas!
Although, she is a tad confused about the whole Christmas / Santa/ Baby Jesus thing.

  • If someone walked by her wearing a dress, it's because they are dressed like Christmas
  • If a red car drives by it's red because it's a Christmas car.
  • A blinking traffic light? yep! It's a Christmas light.
  • ANY pine tree is a Christmas tree.
  • Any time a car drives down the driveway, it's Santa.
  • Santa is coming for dinner.
  • Today is Christmas.
  • Tomorrow is Christmas.
  • Everyday is Christmas!
When I told her that Christmas was to have a birthday party for Baby Jesus, she got all excited because in her mind, this means the baby is coming out of my tummy for Christmas. And yep, his name will be Jesus.
This is very exciting for her, because she really REALLY wants a baby!
There are several problems with this.
  1. I am NOT pregnant! (just fat)
  2. I will NOT be pregnant anytime in the future. I'm done, finished, the factory is closed, boarded up, condemned, and will be demolished just to be certain that it remains permanently OUT OF SERVICE!.
  3. I am not sure how to explain the whole birth of our savior to a 5 year old so she understand that Jesus is more than just another cute cuddly baby.
She doesn't really understand the whole Sana thing either.
This was our conversation about Sana that took place yesterday.

Her = "Mommy, we have to go to the store to see Santa today."
Me = "Ok? What are you gonna do when you see Santa?"
Her = "You have to drive the car to the store, I will get out of your car and get in Santa's car. You have to STAY in YOUR car Mommy! You can't get out. Only me can get in the car with Santa. Then you can go home."

Ummmm yeah... I really hope that no one with a white beard ever tries to abduct this socially sheltered little girl... Cause she'd go in a heartbeat! Not good.

I helped her write her Christmas letter to Santa. She is a sweet girl and decided to tell Santa what everyone in the house wants.

  • Rainbow rubber boots
  • rainbow guitar
  • rainbow unicorn
  • sparkly dress
  • a rainbow costume
  • rainbow fishing pole
  • a real baby
Her Brothers
  • Bro #1 = a rainbow game
  • Bro #2 = a rainbow guitar
  • Bro #3 = a rainbow sweater
  • Bro #4 = a rainbow sweater
  • Rainbow earrings
  • Rainbow cowboy boots

Things to do today.
  1. Try to explain the nativity story so a 5 year old will understand.
  2. Try to explain the Santa story so a 5 year old will understand.
  3. Try to explain the Do Not Go in Cars With Strangers rule so a 5 year old will understand but not be scared.
  4. Try to explain the No More Babies in Mommy's tummy thing, so a 5 year old will understand.
  5. Try to explain that while rainbows are indeed pretty, not everyone in the world wants them for Christmas.. especially her teenage brothers!
  6. Open a box of wine and chug it cause its gonna be a looong week!
Happy Holidays!

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6 amazing comments. Talk To Me!!:

Bethany said...

you and your grown-up tastes! Boxed wine? :o)

I am happy to fulfill her rainbow wishes with my Christmas gift! I can't wait to see her face on Christmas Eve!

- your spoiled-rotten, "city girl", little sister who is the best aunt

looney said...

Tell her if Santa comes to take her away, he will NOT be in a car, but a sleigh (not a cart or trailer) pulled by reindeer (not a horse or tractor) and it will be snowing. A lot. Any other way, it is not really Santa.
What are the chances of a child predator being able to come up with that combination in TX?

Tatersmama said...

I had one of my daycare kids ask me yesterday if I was Santa's wife. I thought with all my baking and decorating, she may have thought that I have something to do with Christmas cheer or something.
No, I was told
"Santa is fat and you're fat too, so you look like married-together people."

I hope the kid gets a lump of coal in her stocking.

2TooManyHats said...

LOL - she must keep you laughing all the time. How much fun, wishing I had a little one still.

rose2005 said...

Dana...a good movie that might help explain the meaning of Christmas to your little foreman in pink is
The Very First Noel

Sounds like you are in for a real treat this Christmas!

Hope it's a good one.

Rose and family.

john b said...

I hope you enjoy the holidays and have a Happy New Year!

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