Dec 31, 2008

Tuesday Tips (cept it's Wednesday) The Great Egg Perdicament

I'm gonna start having a Tuesday Tips post each week.
The problem is, I had this brilliant idea on a Wednesday.
Wednesday Tips just doesn't sound as good...
So, lets pretend it's Tuesday ok?

I have collected and learned tons of helpful tips throughout the years.
I need a place to write them down before my poor mind is totally gone! (with my 5 young-ins running around, that could happen any minute!)
I also thought I should share them with you!

My kids love to help in the kitchen.
Every one in the house loves hard-boiled eggs & deviled eggs.
So, We always have plenty of hard boiled eggs around.
The problem is, how do you know which egg in the fridge is hard boiled or which are raw?
We have had many wasted eggs over the years because of this problem.

Tip #1 How do ya tell if an egg is hard-boiled or raw?

#1 Color the Eggs.
This is the simplest way. But requires a little forethought. And, with 5 kids running around and often cooking the eggs for me, it is not always done.
  • Add a few drops of food coloring to the water you boil your eggs in, this will tint the eggs.
  • Add a few coffee or tea grounds in the water, they will tint the eggs.
  • (if using brown eggs, this method does not work as well as the following tips)
  • Mark each boiled egg with a pencil. I use a big X.
#2 Spin The Eggs
on the counter (preferably away from the edge, or you'll find out the messy way if it is raw!)
  • the hard-boiled egg will spin freely and smoothly, fast from the start.
  • The raw egg will be wobbly, and start out slowly before picking up any kind of speed.
#3 Spin & Stop.
Spin the eggs on the counter again. then quickly stop the spinning with your finger, and immediately, lift your finger off of the egg, letting it go.
  • The hard-boiled egg will stop like a rock and stay stopped.
  • The raw egg will begin spinning again. (because you quickly stopped the shell.. but the innards are still moving)
Yeah.. I know, tips like these will make the world a better place.
I'm waiting on my Nobel Prize nomination as I type.
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Bethany said...

if they give nobel prizes for cooking, i'll nominate you. :o)

- your spoiled rotten, "city girl", little sister

Tatersmama said...

If I ever get any chickens, this will come in handy! Fingers crossed for the market this weekend..
See,I didn't get any chickens for Christmas - Dominecker or otherwise, and at $4+ a dozen for store-bought, I don't buy too many eggs. :o(

Bethany said...

you should also do a tip on how to get farm fresh eggs out of the shell when they're hardboiled!

- Bethany

Audrey said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Hope that 2009 is a wonderful year for you!

Teresa R said...

LOL!! You may not get a Nobel prize for this, but you should get a Pulitzer for humor writing!

50s Housewife said...

You are so funny! :) We don't have boiled eggs around very often (I don't like them), but I'll keep this in mind.

artislove said...

another way to tell is that if you try to squeeze a raw egg in your fist, you can't crack the shell. the shell will crack if it's hard boiled.

a good tip for cracking hard boiled eggs is to run it under very cold water (or put it in the fridge for a while), tap/crack each end of the egg on the counter, then firmly roll the egg on it's side until it cracks, then peel off. the shell will come off very easily, along with the membrane under the shell.

btw, i love your blog!

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