Jan 2, 2009

OK Fine!

I was NOT going to post my New Years Resolutions here.
Everybody posts their resolutions on their blogs.
I was thinkin that you would be sick of reading other peoples resolutions by now.

But.. I have gotten no less than 13 e-mails from you asking me to post my resolutions.
I aim to please.
So, here goes...

Dana's 2009 Resolutions.

  • Continue to lose weight. (I say continue, because I started a little early this year. I've been able to lose 9 & 1/2 lbs since 12/11/2008! Off to a good start!)
  • De-Clutter this over-stuffed under-sized house!
  • Get back to church more regularly.
  • Save more, Spend less
  • Laugh more
  • Yell less
  • Hug more
  • Take more time to sit back and enjoy the ride, no matter how bumpy it may be.
  • Work on being more accepting of myself.
  • Grow more
  • Put up more
  • Waste less
  • Figure out how to monetize BadMothersAnonymous.com (I'm loving doing this.. why can't it help pay some of these bills?)
There! Happy now?
What are some of your resolutions for 2009?
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relimom said...

Not to blog about my new years resolutions, I suppose.

Bethany said...

Not trying to sound like a hippy, but my biggest resolution is to be more "green" and reduce my carbon footprint.

Every year I say something about losing weight, but maybe if I DON'T this year, I'll have a chance!

- your spoiled rotton, "city girl", little sister

Nessa said...

All great ideas......I decded not to make any resolutions but i AM making many life chages. I've decided that's different and therefore i'll be able to stick to them lol

Ruth said...

Awesome list! I haven't really thought about what my list would be, to be honest, but I think it would include doing everything I can to get CPSIA altered so home crafters like me can continue growing our businesses, doing more to increase my sales, and working on my relationships with my family.


OregonArtGuy said...

What's a resolution?
And what does Bethany have against hippies?? :-}

kreations said...

WOW way to go on the weight loss! How did you manage that with all your cooking?

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